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I'm on my phone so can't really commit to the level of answer that I would like. I could not get the right amount of K. Running the system had been extremely stable and no deficiencies were noted throughout the grow. Ive been wanting to ask this question myselfnot sure how everyone was going to react. to each is own though.. Heard good results from it on ig, know jungle boys is running it now. Athena Balance provides essential nutrients for crops in any stage of growth. 150 Pounds (0) 25 Pounds (0) Wattage < 100 Watt (0) 100-216 Watt (0) 100-300 Watt (0) 1000 Watt (0) for the NEW era! $45.00. I've been trying to clone their Pro Line mix but I won't bother if it isn't any good or I have fallen for the hype. and though the new place is much larger j promised the old lady wed move outta of a greenhouse and id never grow inside again. Athna a accept son dfi. Log in Register. ATHENA Nutrients. I didnt look at the ratios of the whole line, it still could be bunk. Antonia has almost 30 years experience across a diverse range of humanitarian, development, peacemaking and peacebuilding issues in the not for profit sector. Well I always go for trichome production. by Athena. My Weather 2/28/23 Alexis . High-performing Case Managers are more productive: Thomas A. Rasmussen You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. When used as directed Athena IPM penetrates plant crevices and leaf surfaces where unwanted biotic infections seek to colonize. Its more economical on large scales but some of the ingredients are very small amounts, so if your not mixing up large batches its probably better to use the blended lines(liquid) for more consistency. It was changed to Athena very early in plants life. FREE delivery Tue, Feb 21. The foliars will last forever. Athena was born in the grow rooms of Los Angeles, California, where we are always in pursuit of the perfect run. Check the cost comparison. Great information guys, very informative. The changing of nutrients mainly come from the constant biofilm, so over time running the same strain I have been able to observe the characteristicsof the strain etc. She joined the business in 2014 as the Managing Director. jacks has been my go to can't beat price and quality. So anyway, first cycle I ran the heavy programme 1.6 EC through veg, and up 2.6EC in flower, second cycle I spoke to the rep and he's like mate, you need to add 1 EC to that chart throughout the cycle to get the best results. Thread starter Ketamine; Start date Jun 22, 2020; Tagged users None Ketamine. Display: 24 per page. Athena Nutrients. Special Price $114.00. Advanced Nutrients, General Hydroponics floranova, Fox Farm, Hydroponic research veg + Bloom. I have used this in a few grows now and I like it. HGV is far closer to ratios I end up at in the field on greenhouse and indoor crops. Athena was born in the grow rooms of Los Angeles, California, where we are always in pursuit of the perfect run. ATHENA-SET-MASTER-GAL. 888-815-9763 Contact Us. Would love to hear some feedback on this! I'm using the pro line on 50 lights right now. See how the strain reacts to this, maybe my environment will need adjusting but only time will tell. This set of nutrients boasts a wide variety of amino acids, fulvic acid and non-ionic surfactant, which all work together to help your plants absorb all of the nutrients efficiently. Their core principle is to formulate products that improve quality, reduce costs and drive consistency. Assignment Type: Full-time. Humboldt and advanced nutrients are the only 2 i trust. Trust me. Updates coming soon. I contact Athena and they told me to switch to the Blended line. 1. The liquid nutrients were also quite the hassle lugging around- with mold forming on my previous liquid CaMg as well. Way cheaper than Athena and all those other hyped bullshit lines. When preparing the nutrient solution with Athena Grow A+B, it should be mixed into the water in the tank by first adding the necessary amount of part A and then part B, always in identical quantities to . I literally used about 100 grams each of the Core and Grow. Why design a program that industry standard meters cant read. Price: $29.99 . Athena IPM is a complete pest management formula that kills many soft-bodied insects and mildew on contact. Food & Nutrition. They are similar quality salts. Athena formulates products for commercial growers that focus on balanced nutrition to improve vigor, yield, and terpenoids. Athena Nutrients. It is just more overpriced repackaged chemical salts. It is cheaper for a hydro store line, but you are still paying to ship water. Indoor Farmer is a family owned and operated business founded in 2012 with a retail store in Waterloo, Ontario, and popular online store. Add to Cart. Theres facilities in the states running 8 EC with Athena but as mentioned above massively monitored CO2 rooms. $89.99 with Subscribe & Save discount. Plenty of room to add k before antagonism will adversely effect Ca uptake. CATS the musical at the Forum More from WIVT - NewsChannel 34 Close . You must log in or register to reply here. I'm really interested in they're blended line. I am just not a fan of the balance or ph up. I am using the pro Core/Grow/Bloom granular, Stack, and Cleanse. Hope this helps. I cant remember the exact terminology for this but its mainly to do with rockwool. Running 3EC in last week veg, just changed the res that wasat 2.5EC,no nutrient burn at all, everything happy as Larry. They are 2 different pathways to nutrition . Compare. Add to Wish List. I recently ran recharge on four plant and four plants with out side by side and there was ZERO difference in terps or yeild for me and ive been smoking over 40 years. But So far Athena seems to be the best!!! Forums; ASX - By Stock; Athena Resources 2023 thread; AHN. I was looking at the Athena grow 2-8-20, and it's basically 50% strength master blend 4 18 38, with a tad more leaning potassium. Humour. ppl swore i added grape drops to it but no no no i never did. Very odd. I've seen some great results in denser larger nugs. I use their calmag and cleanse. This is the first grow in the aerogarden that I had absolutely zero deficiencies. Wonder how it compares price/quality to veg bloom and jacks Athena is the least ethical company Ive done business with in two decades. It uses 100% organic microbial exudates (enzymes) with absolutely no artificial pesticides or fungicides. Lifestyle & Travel. How does it compare with other brands that you have used before? Theres a reason GH 3-part has been around for 30 years. Indoor Farmer exists to offer Canadians the opportunity to "grow their own" food and medicine. Athena Blended Bloom A $45.00. All those shares / options and free ones haven't helped and the ones to come if., page-431. Can you go into detail a little more so we know more? It's calcium. Turned out loads of fillers in it. These are 8 weeks in from seed. Ya the feed schedule says that but it also only goes to 9 weeks. I am using the pro Core/Grow/Bloom granular, Stack, and Cleanse. Im happy with it so far, only on day 13 of flower. Restricted. Im trying to see the difference between their products and and TA/GHE. Compare. If you get stuck, please contact us for help. (edited). Im running Athena Pro this cycle. Athena IPM. Noticed this fert lineup at my local hydro hut. Athena is way cheaper than veg+bloom lol. Sort by Sort by: Best selling. Yeah but main question was on the EC though. Ambrosia is 19.5% Ca in part a and 34% k2o in part b, used in equal amounts. Music. You must log in or register to reply here. Why does it have to be so high usually purer ingredients require less . $514.50 $735.00. Recently I added @AgTonik agt50 and thats made the biggest noticeable difference. I believe their partner Jungle Boys runs 3.2 EC from seedling to flower double of Athena's 1.6 EC recommendation. Thank you! from $160.00. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products. Just remember AGT-50 is incompatible with hypochlorous acid, which is a strong organic oxidizer. Just basic salts mixed up and resold for ridiculous prices. There's two options for you to choose between, their Blended Line (Liquid) & Pro Line (Powdered). By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Position Title: Registered Nurse ( RN), Assistant Director ( No weekends, No evenings) Department:See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn. Use Cal Prime instead of Ag grade calcium nitrate with Jacks/masterblend and it's money in the bank. Reactions: Dank_Nugs93. Athena Nutrient Line . So far so good. Of course you will still need Recharge, CalMag and Calcium plus or minus what's needed for RDWC. Higher patient volumes They can manage higher patient ratios because they are proactive, understand the continuum of care, and are team players. We intend to bring together those who serve in American Indian/ Alaska Native communities to learn about Native nutrition Its very simple to weigh out the appropriate amount of grams on a digital scale that all of us already own. Dry backs - Your running four times a day now in veg.In floweryou're gonna have to bump that up? Under her leadership, Coco de Mer's worth has grown from being a niche business founded by Samantha Roddick, daughter of The Body Shop pioneer Anita Roddick, into a global luxury brand. Learn to grow cannabis, learn how to fix cannabis deficiencies and issues. Bottle nutes are cool if you like paying to ship water and worrying about shelf life. The feed schedule looks like it says 1/2 strength for a week and then water the last week? the nextar line up w extra fulpower(fulvic and humic acid) and dont forget the slf.100 and mammoth P. i literally was probably over feeding now looking baxk but holy crap my terp content was off the board and would color up like crazy towsrds the end if u knew what to do. Philosophy & Religion. I'm not 100% on the athena thing, its something to do with the kind of nitrogen they use apparently sounds like marketing to me though. Once in your gallery you can then insert image into your posts, Ty.please keep us posted as to your progress. The lab analysis of the Athena pretty much matched the label values for the macronutrients. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products. Anyone else using it? Learn More. Quick question. Recycled Coco/perlite, @Marshydro tsw2000, 4x4 tent with table inside and 3x3 tray. (not sure they attached?). Like I suspected, the Mg was higher than the label. I am not having any issues at all and am running the Pro. Seems a lot to try and keep changing . Online. But i am left with two questions. Our video interview between Gypsy Nirvana and Soma is now available to watch in the podcast section. I've ran a few nutrients over the yrs. I don't no the answers myself mate. Athena nutes plus silica, calmag, recharge, mykos wp and kelp for foliar. Buts less is more in coco. @Drzoffer going to bring us a novel. Jungle boys prob dont pay for Athena like they didnt with veg+bloom beware the hype train from USA. Ive used, Mills, Monkey Nutrients, Future Harvest, Emerald Harvest, Plant Magic, Advanced Nutrients, Ionic, Heavy 16, i've ran the lot. How much of Cal Prime should I use for 1to1 replacement? Price. I love these nutes so much. Everyone is entitled to think what they want but that does not make it reality. Therefore easier for hydro growing ? Just curious. Now i have the best buds ive ever grown, no joke, and its WAY easier. Privacy Policy. Posted September 24, 2021 I'm using the pro line on 50 lights right now. Also Peter's? Athena provides cost-efficient fertilizer and pest control solutions formulated and tested by legacy growers in Los Angeles, California Javascript is disabled on your browser. Athena Pro Line mainly consists of soluble solid fertilisers Athena Blended Line This product range offers liquid fertilisers and additives in the classic two-part nutrition system, in this case with Athena Grow A+B and Athena Bloom A+B as base fertilisers.It is complemented with a PK supplement (rich in phosphorus and potassium), a kelp-based stimulator, a calcium and magnesium supplement, a . As the weight of being a cultivator increases, they exist to make the complex simple. It may not display this or other websites correctly. What are your thoughts and recommendations? Able to cut back 20% on feed. Posted 5:50:52 PM. Athena has just smashed it, I wish they'd give me some free products. I have developed formulas for
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