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antarctica ancient ruins 2021

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In addition, select ancient artifacts from other locations will be brought in from vast warehouses and seeded into the archeological site for public release. does not include the entire universe of available offers. It is believed by the researchers that the ancient Anunnaki city was built between 160,000 and 200,000 BC as a part of an even larger community of approximately 10,000 Square kilometers.Curiously, there are numerousancient mapsthat depict parts of Antarctica free of ice. Came up to me and said to share the information. The challenges of travel can help us expand our comfort zone enough to drive change in our lives. According to satellite images on Google Earth, there is a strange area in Antarctica which supposedly reveals a structure that, according to some theorists, could belong to lost ancient civilization, and not just any lost civilization, but Plato's Atlantis. At that time, the spokesperson of the company Atlantis TV has said that the US government will find ways to stop the airing of the video found by the Navy rescuers. Gondwana was an amalgam of continents that incorporated South America, Africa, Arabia, Madagascar, India, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica. Conspiracy theory author David Childress told Ancient Aliens there is a distinct possibility the Shackleton pyramid is the oldest of its kind on Earth. This map was drawn to such accuracy that it depicted the coastlines of South America and Antarctica within half a degree of longitude. An international collaboration including scientists from the CNRS1 has now challenged. February 16, 2021 11:29 am. South America & Antarctica Cruises. The patterns clearly show nothing we should expect from natural geomorphological formations found in nature. YmQzNDg5MjQ5NzJlMTMzMWE2ODJjMzlmZThlZGE2NDRkMWMzMzkyOWE4YzRj Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, And Twitter For More Interesting Content Also Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel. YjIwYjRlMjc1MWE5NDdlNmM3MzhjOWUyOGEzN2Y4MDBmMDg1MDkyZWY5NTA1 Working in dwindling light just before Antarctica's first sunset of the year in mid-February, a team led by geologist Scott Amundsen of Wyoming State University came across the rubble of a stone building roughly the size of Rome's ancient amphitheater. Long-lost ice core provides direct evidence that giant ice sheet melted off within the last million years and is highly vulnerable to a warming climate Date: March 15, 2021 Source: University of. The team worked deep into March, well after the normal end of the field season. Everybody knows about the lost city of Atlantis. The huge icy continent is thought to have once been home to the Lost City of Atlantis over 12,000 years ago, when large parts of Antartica were ice-free. It involved a civilization led by 10-12 foot tall Pre-Adamites with elongated skulls. Updated 2/10/2020 The name of their company seems to befit them because of their discovery Atlantis TV. October Antarctica ancient ruins, pyramid and a giant megalithic structure in the shape of a swastika visible from Space Antarctica ancient ruins, pyramid and a giant megalithic structure in the shape of a swastika visible from Space Ancient Mysterious Places UFOs & Alien 9 October, 2021 Dung Nguyen Leave a Comment The amber adds to fossil evidence that many dinosaurs. Required fields are marked *. ZDVlYzRlNjIxOTU1N2NiOWVlMGExZTFjYzhiNjExZjYyZGZmMDhkOGRiMmQw . By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. Screenshot of the Antarctic Structure. OGJjOTk3NDUzMTYwNzFkNGQyMzY0MzMyYjliYTYxYWUzNTUyODY4YjU5MWZi "No, Professor, I didn't." He took his hat off to wipe his brow, then stared at me. Editorial opinions expressed on the site are strictly our own, and are not provided, endorsed, or approved by advertisers. Allegedly, a society could have existed before coming to an end with the last Ice Age which froze over the continent. The find, announced at a press conference here today, is the first evidence of ancient civilization on the icy continent and is being hailed as one of the most important archaeological digs of the century. He said: If this gigantic pyramid in Antarctica is an artificial structure, it would probably be the oldest pyramid on the planet and in fact, it might be the master pyramid that all the other pyramids on planet Earth were designed to look like., READ MORE:US submarines detect mysterious speeding objects underwater. This could be evidence that it is a possibility. West Antarctica's Weak Underbelly Giving Way. Teams of archeologists have been working with what is left, and told to keep secret what else they had seen. If the video, indeed, exists, archaeologists will surely find evidence of how people lived before, or how the city survived before in an extreme environment such as Antarctica. Another conspiracy theorist agreed, saying: "All the way around the world we find evidence of pyramid structures. Rumours of a hidden city underneath the ice have been circulating for years. To this day, the Atlantis TV crew who filmed the archaeological dig remains missing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Advertiser Disclosure: is a free online resource that offers valuable content and comparison services to users. At the end of our interview below is included a 3.5 minute video created by JPwhere he personally discusses the emotional impact of the Ganymede missions on him and other soldiers. Ancient Palenque stands at the precise point where the first hills rise out of the Gulf coast plain, and the dense jungle covering these hills forms an evocative backdrop to Palenque's exquisite Maya architecture. One of the three ships has been excavated and found to have many smaller spacecraft inside. The routes have been used for more than a thousand years by the worshippers of the indigenous Shinto religion, as well as Buddhists. Its not a complicated shape, so its not a special coincidence either. Has Antarctica served as a home base for extraterrestrial visitors to Earth for thousands of years? If you have faced any supernatural or unexplainable event then you can submit your own story to reach out to more people using our website as a medium. A Historic Site or Monument (HSM) is a protected location of historic interest on the continent of Antarctica, or on its adjacent islands.The list of historic sites was first drawn up in 1972, and has since expanded to cover 95 sites, with the most recent listed in 2021. Egypt's antiquities authorities on Thursday unveiled a newly discovered, sealed-off chamber inside one of the Great Pyramids at Giza, just outside of Cairo, that dates back some 4,500 years ago. Dr Salla said: There has been extensive research done on pyramids throughout the world, in terms of their structure and what is they really are. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. But it has only been since 2002 that excavations by archaeologists and other scientists have been allowed on the site. Satellite images from NASA show a possible human settlement some 2.3 kilometres beneath the icy surface. Ancient ruins of Antarctica hidden city discovered by Atlantis TV production crew, who went missing since november 2002. Other experts laud the discovery. Three oval shaped motherships about 30 miles in diameter were discovered nearby revealing that the Pre-Adamites were extraterrestrial in origin, and had arrived on Earth about 55,000 years ago. Butthings get even weirder with suggestions that the Germans discovered abandoned alien technology OR contacted aliens, and used it to make super weapons. YzY4NjdhMGU0MjNiOWY5YzVmOGI0NTRlMDJlMmM2ZWYxNTExOWU5YzlmNDMw The next footage shows ancient ruins, a megalithic structure as well as a complex city including a structure in the shape of a swastika including other buildings at Antarctica which are only visible from Space as these spots have been blacked out in Google Earth and Google Maps. is it a natural formation or something more complicated? Using the new magnetic data, our animation illustrates how the tectonic plates have moved over millions of years after the breakup of Gondwana, explains Peter Haas, PhD student at Kiel University. Recently discovered satellite photos from Google Earth show that an ancient civilization built pyramids in Antarctica 100 million years ago. A slight pole shift or displacement of the axis of rotation of the Earth in historical times is possibly the only rational explanation that comes to mind but we definitely need more research done before we jump to any conclusion.. And some people think the rumoured base still exists, with the Germans, aliens, and the Illuminati planning to launch a New World Order from it. OThmNGUxMGJhMWU0MjMwZjE1YWQ5NjdkZjlkNjdkMmZhNWZiN2M2NzczY2E5 4 - The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids. This stops people from the Almost-South-Pole-Station from falling in the hole and keeps out immurgrunts. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. More info. Discover South America's pulsating cities, stunning archaeological ruins, icy fjords and lush jungles or venture to the frozen continent, Antarctica. Karen Espley is an author, speaker, and businesswoman. Not only is Antarctic sub-ice geology important to understand global supercontinent cycles over billions of years that have shaped Earths evolution, it is also pivotal to comprehend how the solid Earth itself influences the Antarctic ice sheet above it. MDEyMGI1N2MwMDRhYTliODM5M2RmOTE2YjRhMzA4ZTg4NGMwNjRiZTA1ODM1 He has previously reported on an earlier visit to Antarctica where he got to see five of the working underground bases belonging to the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, a corporate run secret space program based in Antarctica. Antarctica has experienced significant temperature changes, especially since the last glacial period. Jrg Ebbing, from Kiel University, explains, With the available data, we only had pieces of the puzzle. The images seem to show strange markings in the snow which look manufactured, and as though structures used to stand there. You can unsubscribe at any time. This abstract outline of a horse, 360 feet long and 130 feet wide, was carved out of the hillside, the trenches filled with white chalk rocks, contrasting nicely with the green . So far the researchers have uncovered the foundations of a massive columned structure that may have stood as high as 30 meters, says group member Harvey Sampson, who last year had proved by DNA analysis that Piltdown Man was not an elaborate hoax but in fact the skeleton of the murdered St. Nicholas, the last Russian Tsar (ScienceNOW, 1 April 1997). It would probably be the oldest pyramid on the planet. An ancient rocky structure found at the heart of the Ross ice shelf helps determine where Antarctica's ice melts and where it stays firm and frozen. The ball would have sailed. Archaeologist Jonathan Gray claimed the US government is trying to block the video from being seen because it reveals there is a "massive archaeological dig under way two miles beneath the ice". Earliest evidence of horseback riding found in eastern cowboys, Funding woes force 500 Women Scientists to scale back operations, Lawmakers offer contrasting views on how to compete with China in science, U.K. scientists hope to regain access to EU grants after Northern Ireland deal, Astronomers stumble in diplomatic push to protect the night sky, Satellites spoiling more and more Hubble images, Pablo Neruda was poisoned to death, a new forensic report suggests, Europes well-preserved bog bodies surrender their secrets, Teens leukemia goes into remission after experimental gene-editing therapy, Accelerated Sea-Level Rise from West Antarctica. With the satellite and aeromagnetic data combined, we can look down deeper into the crust. This information is from Jonathan Gray, an adventurer and archeologist from World Education Research Ltd. It comes just months after a huge pyramid-like shape was discovered on the freezing continent. Ancient Ruins In Antarctica | Unariun Wisdom Jan 19th Ancient Ruins In Antarctica by Michael Salla On December 26, 2021, my US Army source, JP, was given a set of geographical coordinates from an unnamed Lt Colonel (USAF) who simply told him to publicly release them. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. Winter storms, 24 hour darkness and a formidable skirt of seasonal sea-ice 1-2m thick before the continent is even reached prevent any shipping operating in the winter even today, let alone small 1940's submarines without any ice strengthening. Your access to this site was blocked by Wordfence, a security provider, who protects sites from malicious activity. Speculation over the location of the legendary long-lost city is rife, with others believing it to have been near the Greek island of Santorini. Headteacher sacked 'after sending parents a list of striking teachers' as school launches probe. Generated by Wordfence at Sat, 4 Mar 2023 11:46:42 GMT.Your computer's time: document.write(new Date().toUTCString());. May 8, 2021 But designed by whom that to in one of the most remote and untouched places on Earth, eastern Antarctica will remain a mystery. Subscribe to News from Science for full access to breaking news and analysis on research and science policy. This is JPsskype messageto me about the ruins: These are the ruins where everybody meets up. Tejidos biolgicos aliengenas estaran ocultos en un Centro Mdico Militar de EE. The Kumano Kodo is a network of ancient pilgrimage routes that crisscross Japan's largest peninsula, the Kii Hanto. JP created the below video that shows the structure on Google Earth for the coordinates he was given and compares its size toMachu Picchu(JPs video starts at 3:08 in below video): This would have been especially the case if it housed a portal enabling instantaneous travel in our solar system and beyond. NzQ4NzgxMWFkYWMwNDhkYjUzYzY2ZDQ5M2U2MjA0ZmRjODljNWNmNDE4NmU0 Or rather, the remains of one that had been damaged by a glacier. Meaning that a society could have existed and lived there before the last ice age which eventually froze the continent. A popular pyramid conspiracy claims the triangular structures act as power generators of sorts, built for the purpose of transiting vast amounts of energy wirelessly. Science and AAAS are working tirelessly to provide credible, evidence-based information on the latest scientific research and policy, with extensive free coverage of the pandemic. The trails lead to the sacred sites known as the "Kumano Sanzan" or . YTNiYTM4N2IxMTAxZDY1NWQ5YTE0ZGE0Yjk5MmZlZDc4YjQ5NTRiZDE3MDYy ZGM2NmI1NDBmNzZhNmIyZjI2MDcyZTY0MGVlZDQ4NzUwN2JiOGM0MjFjYjEx Ruins Of Ancient City Found In Antarctica, ancient ruin found below the Antarctic ice. MjIxYWQzMjE3NDA1ZjM4NjY2YjU4NTEwZGRiODNlYjU1ZDU2MWFiNmIzNTZk According to JP, the US military is working inside several buildings at the ruins, one of which contains a stargate or a portal that enables instantaneous travel in our solar system. It just shows us how easy it is to underestimate both the size and scale of past human settlements.. Only when we put them together with satellite magnetic data, can we see the full picture.. Ancient meteoritic impact over Antarctica 430,000 years ago Date: March 31, 2021 Source: University of Kent Summary: A research team of international space scientists has found new evidence of. Some are wondering whether an . The unfavorable living conditions of Antarctica makes it a difficult place to inhabit. To date, approximately 118 pyramids of various definitions have been discovered across Egypt (although sources . Since at least 2016, a . What is most fascinating about this map is that it shows the coastline of Antarctica without any ice. The coordinates given to JP (723112S 33626W) appear to show a large building complex located about 150 miles (240 km) from the Antarctic coastline inQueen Maud Land. USAF Colonel leaks coordinates of ancient Antarctic Ruins Dr Michael Salla / January 1, 2022 On December 26, 2021, my US Army source, JP, was given a set of geographical coordinates from an unnamed Lt Colonel (USAF) who simply told him to publicly release them. An ancient map dating back to the 1500s seems to show Antarcticas coastline in unprecedented detail. In this video interview, Ive only included the audio to protect his identity. The continent of Antarctica was seperated from South America around 23 million years ago. The Cologne structure was built in the southwest corner of the city's forum, or marketplace, sometime between 150 and 200 C.E., according to Martin Oehlen of German news outlet . eyJtZXNzYWdlIjoiNDk2ZjYyMTRhZGMzMzQ2ZjAyNmYwOTVjNTcwMmZlZmYw NWY2NDA2N2RlYWRhYTdlODI5MjE5ZDk3ODVkMTJlZThkYTBhZTE1MGYwNmMy He speculates that the thin air above Doubleday Stadium--the team's nickname for the site--"must have made it a hitters' park. MDk5YWU5N2RjNzcwNWZlYzg2MGEzNDM1NjJlZTkwZmUzMjRmNWEwMDViYTdl Though the rumors of a lost ancient civilization underneath the ice have been circulating for years, these claims came forward only a few months after a huge pyramid-like shape was found in the icy continent. MGNhNjZjN2EyMjAxZGMyOWE5ZjMyMjMzMGRhYTJiMTkyZDE4MjUyYjY4OWFk The photos and related articles are availablehere,and here. Do you believe extraterrestrials have visited our planet? These were being investigated in joint missions with various Earth nations, including China. In Antarctica's Hidden History, contrary evidence is presented that Antarctica was ice free as recently as 11,700 years ago, which is the approximate date for the destruction of Atlantis according to Plato. Antarctica - December Eclipse Ceremonies within Ancient Ruins beneath the Ice Copyright of the image by Corey Goode Dozens of Cabal Elites from around the world arrived in Antarctica for a tour of recently excavated ruins beneath the ice that included libraries and temples.

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